Edition 3

Letting Go

As the new stationery smell starts to wear off, we are hit with the realisation of an entirely new university year. Selina Detchon tells us how she deals with such apprehension. We can do our […]

Edition 3

The Right Path

The elusive ‘perfect career path’ is more often than not, just short of our fingertips. Now happy and thriving, Chelsea Mirus shares her adventures choosing, and re-choosing, the right degree. As the start of university […]

Edition 3

The Rise of Hashtag Activism

In this era of click bait and funny cat compilation videos, it’s virtually impossible to avoid social media. Kate Wakerley explores the technological revolution and a new kind of keyboard warrior. We live in a […]

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Imag[in]e: Angus Smith

Angus Smith is an insanely talented illustrator who is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) at UniSA. His unique digital style tunes into imaginative and honest creations inspired by […]

Edition 3


Just when you think your day couldn’t get any worse, you bump into someone you know and have to actually explain it. Gabriel Olaer explores these social niceties on a whole new level. Sometimes the […]

Edition 3

Film Reviews: Edition #3

My name is Stef and I am a cinema worker by both day and night. Due to my family and friend’s enthusiasm to exploit my staff discount, I have seen just about every film shown […]

Edition 3

Coffee Reviews: Edition #3

Hi there! I’m Tanya… your resident Verse Foodie. Given we’ve just got back into the swing of things for 2015, I thought it would be handy to share my favourite places to get your much needed daily […]