Film Review: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Directed by Danny Boyle Michael Fassbender is the star of Steve Jobs even though he looks nothing like him. As the film unfolds though it becomes increasingly clear that director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron […]

Edition 8


We went to a student media conference in Melbourne, listened to professionals speak, met fellow editors and got a taste of the city. Looking up at the stage from a sea of unworldly 20-somethings, I […]

Edition 8

The U-Bahn

The train announces Orianenplatz and a worn-out Oma stirs her head. Between the shoulder pads of her winter coat she watches Berlin’s barren forest splinter behind the glass, and a young couple flirt over a […]

Edition 8

The Boat

The demon had been awoken. I could feel it in my submerged wooden hull before I could see it. I knew the ocean like an old friend. How its beautiful water ebbs, flows, torments and […]

Edition 8

Red House

Sebastian ran his tongue along the edge of the white paper. It tasted like glue but smelt like glory. He looked at his friend with a pity in his eyes whilst he tried to roll a […]