Film Review: Bad Neighbours 2

Bad Neighbours 2Directed by Nicholas Stoller Bad Neighbours 2, co-written, starring, and pretty much shepherded through by schlubby man/comedy juggernaut Seth Rogen, continues in the tradition of his brand of comedy in that it again […]

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Imag[in]e: Hannah Vorrath-Pajak

Hannah Vorrath-Pajak challenges the perception of brown as a visually unpleasant colour. Currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts, her paintings feature refreshing takes on both the natural and constructed worlds.  Where do you draw […]

Edition 10

Bitter Band Chat: Devil’s Crossroad

Psych-rock wannabes Devil’s Crossroad are “this close” to making it big. They’re proud representatives of UniSA with their dirty, long hair and open drug habits. Here’s what they had to say.  You describe your music […]

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Alphabet Soup

UniSA’s Rainbow Club communications director Daniel Zander discusses the issues surrounding the acronym LGBT. The current LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) acronym commonly used to refer to the queer community is growing out-dated and isn’t […]

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To My Daughter

You sleep, so soundly, so peacefully, and the worries of the world have not yet etched lines into your face. And so I make these promises to you. I want you to know that you […]

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Star Sign

‘I’ve started to read your star sign.’ I could’ve guessed you were water before I knew your birthday. Just by looking at you I could tell. With our fingers linked, I could feel how free you […]

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Strong Woman

#viajosola is the movement empowering women to travel alone. We shouldn’t be afraid to do it or expect bad things to happen. Travel opens us up to the world and its vast possibilities. But with […]

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Winter is incontestable beauty. Darkness and soul-trembling cold: two wonderfully terrifying concepts that consume me. All of me. Every time. I am overwhelmed with melancholic yearning, a longing for a place I have never been […]