Edition 15

Banging Biscuit Reviews

Short, sweet biccy reviews for the bored and hungry. Arnott’s Tim Tams Tim Tams are the true essence of Australian cuisine. So much so I would even go as to say it’s ‘UnAustralian’ if you […]

Edition 15

Oh Lorde

Lorde is back, officially grown out of her teens, and celebrating – as always. And she gets the green light. I challenge you to find someone who owned their adolescence like Lorde did. To many […]

Edition 15

My Persian Rugs

Musician and UniSA student Nicole O’Rielley discusses how growing out her body hair led to a deeper acceptance of self and freedom. My lady-fur is the Puratap of social encounters. Accepting, open, loving people see […]

Edition 15

In[ter]view: Jemma Boyd

With a Bachelor of Media Arts under her belt, Jemma Boyd is a trained vocalist with a background in musical theatre and cabaret. She is currently the composer and lyricist for Adelaide’s Calamity Productions, having […]

Edition 15

Of Mustard and Milk

After a full year out of high school and questioning the significance of a B.A. in performing arts, I figured an income was needed. I roamed the plains of retail and hospitality in hopes I […]

Edition 15

Imag[in]e: Ben Neale

Visual Communication second year student, Ben Neale, uses the lens to capture the ordinary, making it extraordinary.  I can’t help but notice your genuine interest in the city of Adelaide. What is it that you […]


Film Review: Moonlight

Moonlight (2016) Directed by Barry Jenkins We see in Moonlight, the Oscar winning film from Barry Jenkins, the shaping of identity occurring against one’s will. The central protagonist, Chiron, undergoes something of an anti-coming of […]