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Review: Stonecutters Festival 2018

If there’s anything this country loves more, it’s supporting our rising music talent. This was certainly on display at this year’s Stonecutters, where eager crowds flocked to witness Australia’s latest and greatest rock musicians. Returning […]

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My Experience with USASA Advocacy

Khaliah Marro explains their own experience with USASA Advocacy in an effort to encourage students to seek support for academic issues.Words by Khaliah Marro One afternoon I was sitting at my computer desk pondering what […]

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No is a Sentence

This one’s for me, my friends and every other single being. Respect is a movement and it needs to be encouraged.   You’re hesitating, Your words are smothered by the norms of another. Why are […]

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Playlist of You

As old and outdated as it is, this iPod is the most protected object in my possession.  Its chipping silver exterior and concaving buttons reflect our relationships own battered and bruised history. Most importantly, the […]

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Memories of first everything still lingers Hi and goodbyes, hot and cold fights, A freefall kind of love, we never knew what’s right.   Laughters and unforgettable banters end with kisses goodnight. Flashback figures of […]

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The sun hung low in the sky, hitting the hard surfaces of the city as a bright, lonesome glare. The trees stood limply, not a breeze to stir them but the hot exhaust of traffic. […]

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To Anyone

Yesterday, my friend told me she received a full scholarship from Stamford – her ultimate goal is accomplished. Having heard that from her, I died a little inside. Believe me, I love her with all […]

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I haven’t learnt much never had a brain for retaining everything fades soon enough but I know two things: everything crumbles if you look at it for too long and we were never meant for […]