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Our Mental Health edition is currently in the works and will soon be released. It is an edition close to the Verse team’s hearts and we encourage using creative outlets as a way to encouraging […]

Edition 21

A Perfect Flaw

I stood in the temple of commitment, alone, carving a statue of everything I had lost. Every strike of the hammer, every position of the chisel, a labour of grief and desperation. A form existed […]

Edition 21

I See You

I see you. I see you from the grime stained window of the bus that takes me back to the place you won’t go. I see your expensive leisure sportswear, made to look casual and […]

Edition 21

Ivy Love

The richest most fertile soil sits in my mind why else do you think my hair is jasmine blooming untamed vines with the sweet scent of nectar will you plant seeds of wisdom in my […]

Edition 21

What Gun America Feels Like

Another gun story. The majority of the gun discussion continues to revolve around America’s, and consequently Americans’, control on guns; what needs to change and what won’t.  While dim in the eyes of many Australians, […]

Edition 21

How Far We’ve Fallen

The 2017 OECD ‘Education at a Glance Report’ has ranked Australia’s public investment into higher education in the bottom four of the world’s advanced economies. This puts Australia at 30th of 34th nations. 0.7 of […]

Edition 21

I Exist Now

I don’t have a reason To look at the exquisite flower I don’t have a purpose To wet my faith in this unworthy shower   This life seems to lack the purpose The purpose I […]