Edition 19

Imag[in]e: Madeleine Larkin

Welcome to the world of student, Madeleine Larkin. Currently studying teaching at UniSA, illustrating is a mighty fine outlet to make something of everything. Combing line work with bright spots of colour Madeline invites everyone […]

Edition 18

By Definition

Slut: (n) a woman who engages in casual sex with multiple partners By definition, I am a slut. So fuck you. Here I am. This ‘label’ is foreign to me though. I’ve never seen myself […]

Edition 18

The Big Nothing

Navigating your libido is hard work. Add depression to the mix, and your experience as a gay man is challenged. “Oh you just download Grindr, that’s it right?” I heard this from a colleague when […]

Edition 18

You Suck at Orgasms

As we, as a society become more and more aware and enlightened about sex, there seems to be more and more pressure on us as individuals to be knowledgeable and sophisticated and just generally up […]

Edition 18

Playing Hopscotch with Sexuality

Explaining sexual orientation is far more complicated than it strictly needs to be. For starters, there are the standard self-identifiers you get given in your ‘Sexuality 101’ class: ‘homosexual’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘heterosexual’ and ‘bisexual’, before […]