Verse Meets CLYPSO

Nexus Arts is a company dedicated to promoting contemporary culturally diverse art and innovation all over the country. Their up-coming event, Nexus & Chill, is an awesome opportunity to experience some of the most exciting […]

Edition 20

Tolkein vs Pratchett

How do authors create the fascinating worlds that their stories inhabit? Read on for a short insight. The following short piece offers a condensed introduction and comparison of world building, focusing on “creation stories” and […]

Edition 20


  Circumference of ideas Splash of colours Little quirks The things that make me That hold me steady Smudge the words on that letter Can not marry Achy war wound Identity Faded lover Brand new […]

Edition 20

The Last Plum

Journal Entry – 5th of September 1959   What a glorious evening I must say! Simply glorious! It was – shall we say – such a productive evening for me… I feel I have finally […]

Edition 20

The White Balloon

A thousand lanterns cast a reddish glow over the teeming crowd of onlookers, their eyes reflecting the star speckled skyline of deep blue bleeding into cosmic purple. Revellers in bright clothing pushed past each other […]