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My Experience with USASA Advocacy

Khaliah Marro explains their own experience with USASA Advocacy in an effort to encourage students to seek support for academic issues.Words by Khaliah Marro One afternoon I was sitting at my computer desk pondering what […]

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Sutu curates Prosthetic Reality at MOD.

Sutu (Stuart Campbell) is the curator of the exhibit Prosthetic Reality at MOD. Australia’s leading future-focused museum in Adelaide, South Australia. Prosthetic Reality brings together a collection of work from 45 artists from around the […]

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  “Just graduated from Honours at UniSA, Aida Azin’s artwork brilliantly translates her view on identity and environment as she challenges themes of social and political justice.”   For the readers that haven’t yet come […]

Edition 20

Love Wins

The narrative of the LGBT+ community is bookmarked with icons that catapulted our movement forward.   I’m declaring 2018 the Year of the Queer. 2017 saw some amazing achievements: despite Trump’s attempts, transgendered people will […]