Edition 4

Ethical is the New Black

Consumers in growing numbers are demanding that the clothes they wear are ethically-sourced. Kate Wakerley reports on the big waves of change rippling through the fashion industry. There is a revolution starting in the fashion […]

Edition 4

Give Me My Lips Back

  #redmylips  was a global social media campaign raising the awareness of sexual violence, Kayla Dickeson explores the confronting statistics  here in Australia All throughout the month of April, I participated in the #RedMyLips2015 campaign […]

Edition 3

Word on the Street

There’s a new kid riding around the city block and Robbie Slape has the latest on Adelaide’s eco-cool way to do public transportation. It’s not every day you feel like you are at the beginning […]

Edition 3


Danielle Wilkins, a seasoned overseas volunteer, tells Verse of her experiences in South Africa and why we should be more mindful where our money goes. When I was in high school I embarked on a […]

Feature articles

Surviving Shanghai

By Alannah Williams ‘Woman chops off penis in Guangzhou province. Who wants this one?’ announces the editor from his office. The same man walks into the conference room and throws a stack of newspapers onto […]