Verse Meets CLYPSO

Nexus Arts is a company dedicated to promoting contemporary culturally diverse art and innovation all over the country. Their up-coming event, Nexus & Chill, is an awesome opportunity to experience some of the most exciting […]

Edition 11

Bitter Band Chat: Dead Ties

These troubled young metalheads who call themselves Dead Ties approached this meeting more like a therapy session than an interview. Unsurprisingly, gloomy backgrounds were revealed, including a lack of decent fathers and pole dancing endeavours. […]

Edition 11

Trump’s Wall

George Vlassis shares his thoughts on Donald Trump’s bid for presidency. A new wall may be emerging. It’s not The Wall from TV drama Game of Thrones. Nor is it another Pink Floyd album title. This […]

Edition 10

Star Sign

‘I’ve started to read your star sign.’ I could’ve guessed you were water before I knew your birthday. Just by looking at you I could tell. With our fingers linked, I could feel how free you […]