Edition 6

The Attic

Cobwebs started to spin themselves between beams. Faster and faster, until in front of us, glistening from the light behind it, was a gigantic web. Old buildings had always fascinated me. So, when I was […]



Ever wanted to represent a country at the United Nations? Maybe you’d like to delve into the world of international relations and tackle the pressing issues of our time? Think these things sound terrifying, but […]

Edition 5

Online Detox

Just over a month ago, I finished my last class of the day, walked across the road, and caught the bus. Habit kicked in straight away – I grabbed an apple from my bag, put […]

Edition 4

Ethical is the New Black

Consumers in growing numbers are demanding that the clothes they wear are ethically-sourced. Kate Wakerley reports on the big waves of change rippling through the fashion industry. There is a revolution starting in the fashion […]