Edition 10

Strong Woman

#viajosola is the movement empowering women to travel alone. We shouldn’t be afraid to do it or expect bad things to happen. Travel opens us up to the world and its vast possibilities. But with […]

Edition 10


Winter is incontestable beauty. Darkness and soul-trembling cold: two wonderfully terrifying concepts that consume me. All of me. Every time. I am overwhelmed with melancholic yearning, a longing for a place I have never been […]

Edition 9

The Chase

I hike up to the church to mooch my breakfast as usual. The hunched priest is stumbling through the churchyard with a basket of fruit from his orchard. He hands me a pear with a […]

Edition 8

The Boat

The demon had been awoken. I could feel it in my submerged wooden hull before I could see it. I knew the ocean like an old friend. How its beautiful water ebbs, flows, torments and […]