Student Envy

By Benjamin James I envy every first year student. Fresh from high school, about eighteen and half learned. Untouched and healthy, eager to get on with lives of unrivalled possibility, bursting with potential. Stable are […]

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Reviews: Lust and Envy Edition

Film: The Grand Budapest Hotel (M) Wes Anderson has created a classic comedy drama with The Grand Budapest Hotel—this film has it all: pastel hued backdrops, spectacular European scenery, politics, a uniquely witty script and, […]

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Faded Blush

My Last Duchess by Robert Browning By Renee Biele ‘Tonight, I need it done tonight.’ The fire in the hearth burned soft, the embers within emitting barely a glow. The Duke of Ferrara’s face was […]

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David Bowie’s infectious refrains; jangling silver in your wallet; Obama’s iconic red and blue posters. Change carries a lot of different connotations depending on your state of mind. Maybe it conjures that old adage ‘A […]