Edition 25

Imag[in]e: Sash Corowa

For our final edition of Imag[in]e this year, Verse designer Sascha Tan spoke with third year visual communications student and illustrator Sash Corowa, about the struggles with hunger when drawing food, his dreams of creating […]

Edition 22

Imag[in]e: Chloe Manglaras

Along with Chloe’s love for collage and oil painting, this interview discusses how the therapeutic approach to viewing and creating art helps her wellbeing. Tell the readers a little about yourself! Yasou Verse readers, I’m […]

Edition 20


  “Just graduated from Honours at UniSA, Aida Azin’s artwork brilliantly translates her view on identity and environment as she challenges themes of social and political justice.”   For the readers that haven’t yet come […]

Edition 18

Imag[in]e: Danny Jarratt

3rd Year Visual Artist, Danny Jarratt, explores pop culture, queer theory, male form and ethnic representation to express diversity across the canvas. Specialising in painting, he chatted with Rachael Sharman, claiming that “…anyone can make […]

Edition 17

Imag[in]e: Nicole Faiello

Design encourages the concept of imagination and to produce what’s not necessarily inside the box. 3rd year visual communications Graphic Design student Nicole Faiello throws odd limbs and things into a creation that not only […]

Edition 15

Imag[in]e: Ben Neale

Visual Communication second year student, Ben Neale, uses the lens to capture the ordinary, making it extraordinary.  I can’t help but notice your genuine interest in the city of Adelaide. What is it that you […]