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Negatives and Positives

Negative thoughts take over Positive thoughts try to make you better. Failure Succeed Worthless Worthy Not Good Enough Good Enough Unperfect No-one is perfect Ugly Beautiful People leave Succeed without them Betrayed Trust Wisely Hopeless […]

Edition 21

Toilet of the Future

It’s bold, stylish, entertains you with slow jazz… It’s an Exeloo toilet unit.   Commonly found in parks and other public spaces, these futuristic little portals of convenience don’t often receive the discussion they deserve. […]

Edition 21


Just imagine for a moment, that you’re me, and you’re watching the sun break through the gaps in your fingers as you hold your hand to the sky. In the late autumn afternoon as the […]

Edition 21

A Perfect Flaw

I stood in the temple of commitment, alone, carving a statue of everything I had lost. Every strike of the hammer, every position of the chisel, a labour of grief and desperation. A form existed […]

Edition 21

I See You

I see you. I see you from the grime stained window of the bus that takes me back to the place you won’t go. I see your expensive leisure sportswear, made to look casual and […]

Edition 21

Ivy Love

The richest most fertile soil sits in my mind why else do you think my hair is jasmine blooming untamed vines with the sweet scent of nectar will you plant seeds of wisdom in my […]