Edition 22


Warning: this piece includes the theme of anxiety. Conscious Held under the water Pressure builds Surface bound Systems drawing failure Stability unfound Breath drawn simple and shaky Feel it constant feel it raw Bundled up […]

Edition 22


Warning: this piece includes themes of rape, violence, self-harm, depression, anxiety and drug use. In year twelve a man thrust himself into me. He ignored every word that whimpered its way out of my mouth, […]

Edition 22

Saving a Life

Warning: this piece includes themes of substance abuse, overdose, stress and counselling. This is the story of why I had to see a counsellor for the first time. Over the summer I was working full […]

Edition 22


Warning: this piece includes the theme of eating disorders. Waves rolled around my body. Small spurts of water leaped into the air and the droplets sprayed across my face. The cold water cooled me down, […]

Edition 22

How We Choose

Warning: this piece includes themes of rape, abortion, depression, anxiety and PTSD. I’m facing the blank page in the wake of the #MeToo movement, as challenging anniversaries rear up from their holding pens, demanding attention. […]

Edition 22

Imag[in]e: Chloe Manglaras

Along with Chloe’s love for collage and oil painting, this interview discusses how the therapeutic approach to viewing and creating art helps her wellbeing. Tell the readers a little about yourself! Yasou Verse readers, I’m […]

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Don’t Give Up

I know you can’t help problems like insomnia and lack of sleep, But the habits you can control, please try to make positive, and keep. Eat fruit and veg each day, drink water and you’ll […]