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UniLifeMag Issue #10 out now!

It’s the final magazine for the 2010 team, and what a way to go out! We reflect on our time as magazine editors, as well as finishing off the year with our regular favourites.

A student went abroad to India, plus we see part two of Megan’s incredible internship in London.

We’ve also got a wicked game review, plus the student’s guide to finance. Handy, especially since summer holidays are creeping ever closer.

So that’s that! The 2010 Eds say cheers for picking up the mag and dropping past the website. […]

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Issue #9 of UniLifeMag is out now!

We’re drawing ever nearer to the end of our reign as magazine executives – for some of you this might seem like the end of the world. For others, it will have little to no bearing on your life at all.

But for those of you concerned about your favourite publication, fear not! We’ve instated a new team to take over next year!

We’ve also got an awesome story about those crazy street preachers, and an interview with Children Collide.

And so, the countdown begins until the final UniLifeMag for the year! […]

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Issue #8 of UniLifeMag OUT NOW

Started the countdown til the mid-semester break yet? (it’s only 24 days!) Anyway, the latest issue of UniLifeMag has plenty of quality stuff to keep you occupied until then.

We have a chat to another awesome student artist – it’s her work on the cover.

There’s also a dose of rather humorous politics (if you haven’t had enough yet), plus our helpful tips for the ladies!

And fancy yourself some free tunes? Check out our review of Washington’s debut for your chance to take home a copy free! […]

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UniLifeMag Issue #7 Out Now

No doubt those assignment have started accumulating, so that really only means one thing – procrastination! And we here at UniLifeMag are here to help.

This issue’s Students Abroad comes all the way from Alaska (with grizzly bears!)

We’ve also got tips for the awkward gentleman, and we take a look at the bizarre Zumba craze.

Plus we threw in some serious stuff too.

UniLifeMag – we’re all for procrastination. […]

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UniLifeMag Returns!

Much like the second semester, everyone’s favourite student magazine is back! Sure, you may have readings to do but we classify the UniLifeMag as a reading – it’s about culture and it’s postmodern. Why? We have no idea.

But we do have an idea of what you guys want. Check out our response to the survey we put out at the end of last semester.

We also chatted to Two Door Cinema Club and Dan Kelly. Not at the same time though.

And uni holidays mean travelling. Two students went abroad and wrote about it. Yeah. […]

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Issue #5 of UniLifeMag!

It’s getting to that time of year. All of your assignments are due (conveniently on the same day) and exams are there, looming in the distance. It’s high time for coffee and Red Bull. So if you’re looking for a way to distract yourself on campus, there’s no better way than UniLifeMag!

Check out our series on Whyalla, written as a response to the numerous emails that we got after the first one.

Talking of emails, we also look at the proposed internet filter. We want your opinions too.

UniLifeMag. The best procrastination on campus. […]

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The Whyalla Series

Whyalla. It’s a country town about five hours out of Adelaide. They’ve got a UniSA campus, and a lot of dust. But why should you care about it?

Issue #3 of UniLifeMag wrote an article entitled Whyalla: A Failure of Expectation. We thought it was innocent enough, until we received a number of emails from concerned Whyalla residents who believed the article was inaccurate and incorrect.

So to get a proper view of the place, we sent two of our journalists off on a weekend visit. What resulted was another side to the small town and an article appearing in the latest issue of UniLifeMag. […]