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In[ter]view: Kate Parham

With a keen interest in science and an undergraduate degree from UniSA, Kate is now pursuing a post-doctoral degree in Canada. She speaks to us about her journey from Adelaide to Ontario and her work as […]

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Imag[in]e: Angus Smith

Angus Smith is an insanely talented illustrator who is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) at UniSA. His unique digital style tunes into imaginative and honest creations inspired by […]

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Beauty Perception

By Jacinta Mazzarolo Artwork by Belinda Zanello ‘She’s pretty—I’ll give you that. Well, maybe if she… No, no, she’s gorgeous, beautiful, in fact,’ I concede with slight pang of jealousy and a modest dose of […]

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By Penny Butler 25 DEC 2012, ???, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan 17:45 HOURS, THE MESS The soldiers were a mass of yellow and brown, like the custard on their Christmas pudding. The wet-pitted kitchen staff unceremoniously […]