What Can I Say To You? I Love You, Adelaide

Your Story Nominee

By Demi Gao

At the end of last summer, I quit my job, packed my luggage and then jumped on an airplane from Guang Zhou, China to Adelaide, Australia.  It was the first time I left my home country to begin a totally different journey.

Hello, beautiful Southern Hemisphere!

Adelaide, you were such an unfamiliar city for me at first, so I carried a plenty of fear and anxiety, as well as an abundance of excitement and joy to visit you.  Do you remember the first day we met? Since the culture, politics and rules here were different from my those of mother country, I needed to ask a lot of questions, no matter what I was doing. But it was hard to understand others speak; what’s more, I could hardly express myself. I was entirely frustrated by my poor English. However, you sent me a lot of kind people. They were full of patience and hospitality, and they helped me with many detailed problems, such as how to catch public transport and how to find accommodation.

Time has passed by quickly, though. I have been here for almost a year now. You still surprise me day by day. I love the seashore of yours, and your bright sunshine warmed my heart when I suffered from the loneliness of not having family and old friends around me. I love the gorgeous landscape of Adelaide’s hills; the green of your tress and your colourful flowers expelled the stress from the challenge of my PhD. I love the Central Market that you gave to me, and I can always find my favourite tastes from my mother country at the corner of the street. I love, of course, the excellent wine of yours, and its mellow flavour accompanied me to every festival and with each success.

On New Year’s Eve, you asked me to enjoy the annual firework at Glenelg. I have never appreciated fireworks at such a close distance. As nightfall arrived, many people gathered at the beach. The city was alive but still peaceful.  I talked with close friends as we waited for the start of the fireworks. The sunset brought with it the night. Night-time brought with it the fireworks. The fireworks brought with it New Year’s sunrise. Huge ’flowers’ blossomed in the night sky and then disappeared like shooting stars. I suddenly realised that I became a friend of yours; I became a family member of yours.

How can I express my feelings through words only? You are as gentle as spring; you are as enthusiastic as summer; you are as cool as autumn; and you are as changeable as winter. You are mysterious; meanwhile, you are so straightforward.  You are independent, but you are inclusive.

You are not the best city on earth but you are the one that matches me best. You are not the most prosperous one on the earth but you are a cosy bay for living. You are not a sex goddess but an elegant lady.  You are not the most attractive boy but you are indeed the charming gentle man.

Hi, Adelaide, I love you.


Image courtesy of Adam Wood

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