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As part of our new Your Story section, we have run a photo competition where international students received the opportunity to submit pictures symbolising their time studying here in Adelaide.

The winner of the competition is Hilda Cahyani, an international student from Indonesia. Her photo was chosen as the winner because of its heartwarming simplicity, and for showing a moment in which Hilda spontaneously came into contact with our Indigenous culture and heritage.

She describes how the photo opportunity came about in an exhibition at the Adelaide Museum last year.

“I was first looking at how Aboriginal women create handcrafts and asked one of the ladies to have a picture with me,” she says.

“To my surprise, a little girl  all of sudden came up to me and wanted to get captured by the camera.

“Then, bingo, we had this beautiful picture moment.”

The competition runner up came from Maria Kristina Albano, whose caption of the photograph says, “Life in South Australia has been like a walk into Middle-Earth.” Given the shot she took, there’s no wonder why she thought this.

Both the other photos also convey what it’s like for international students living away from home.

Nicholas Wong took his unedited shot of the River Torrens at twilight when he first started studying here, jogging through Elder Park.

When describing how the photo related to his time at UniSA, Nicholas says, “I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the year I spent in Adelaide was probably the best year of my life so far.”

“It was beautiful, yet fleeting – I spent my days there with the knowledge that it would all have to end eventually looming over my head. And it has.”

SheyWei Soo (who submitted the winning story for the Your Story writing competition) was the photographer of the final image, which she took at the Zombie Walk last year.

She describes feeling excited about dressing up in costume as events of the kind aren’t held back home.

If you’re an international student looking to express yourself, either through photography or writing, submit your work to us to be featured in our Your Story section.

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