Big Brekky Spread Reviews

How to have the breakfast of champions when you’ve only got toast.

Peanut Butter

PB is the bomb (unless you’re allergic to nuts in which case I am truly sorry you miss out on heaven on earth). With a protein hit that’s bound to kickstart your morning, it’s no wonder this is staple in Aussie pantries. Even if you’re not bulking, this is packed with the healthy fats your body needs (in moderation – eating it out of the jar doesn’t count as healthy sorry!). Plus, the texture that CRUNCHY PB gives is A+. Why would you even bother with smooth PB when it’s upper class cousin is available, c’mon up your game.



Australian children are basically 75% Vegemite. Continuing into adulthood, I would argue this is still the recipe for happiness. It’s basically Australian liquid gold. Of course, you must combine it with correct ratio of butter for optimum bliss (for me that’s a huge slavering of Vegemite, none of this more butter bullshit). But seriously though does anyone actually know what Vegemite is made out of? Australia needs answers!




Okay so you’re either really hard up for cash or to be frank, a little boring. THIS IS BREAKFAST. I personally get so excited about breakfast and this just does not do it for me. I cannot see myself wanting to remove myself from bed for well, butter on toast. I mean if you were combining it with eggs and bacon or something then maybe, but not on its own. No way. HOWEVER, on a more positive note, you are not the sociopath who just eats plain dry toast /shudders.


I cannot accept this chocolate spread (or hazelnut spread if you want to be politically correct) as a breakfast condiment. As much as you dress it up as hazelnuts, it’s chocolate and sugar and it belongs in a dessert. It’s like eating cake for breakfast. I love the idea of it but it lacks practicality. And yet despite all of this, I will shamelessly eat Nutella out of the jar EVERY time.




Honey on toast is underrated. It’s great and it gets you that sugar fix you crave without the nasty artificial stuff. It might be something ‘mature’ aged people might eat for breakfast but it’s good stuff. Chop a bit of banana if you’ve the extra cash to splash and it is quite the treat.


Much like honey, I feel like jam on toast gets the rep that it belongs in a retirement home. Out of curiosity, I wonder how many of those mini sachets of jam at hotels actually get used? Jam, my friends, is a sweet fruity deliciousness we have neglected for too long. Sugary and lacking nutritious value, yeah you could say that but as it’s an 1800s classic and the only thing in the pantry, I will forgive it just this once.

Words by Bridget Kerry.

Images by Rachael Sharman.

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