Bitter Band Chat: Dead Ties

These troubled young metalheads who call themselves Dead Ties approached this meeting more like a therapy session than an interview. Unsurprisingly, gloomy backgrounds were revealed, including a lack of decent fathers and pole dancing endeavours.

What inspires white, suburban, middle-class youths like yourselves to write such angsty, depressing music?

You know, it could be the lack of white, suburban, middle-aged dads that some of us didn’t have around growing up. Thanks for bringing that up once again.

Which category of metal fits you best: goth or emo?

That really depends on how much we’ve listened to David Guetta’s hit song ‘Titanium’ on the day. While the song has a very emo (short for emotional) feel, we also believe that because the song is about a particular type of metal, it must go hard in the disco clubs. So, in conclusion, we are most definitely NOT goth.

We get it. You play heavy metal, you’re depressed and want to die. What would be your ideal way to meet your maker?

Probably falling from a vast height. We live life on the edge.

You recently supported an internationally-touring hardcore band called Jack The Stripper. Is that some kind of weird heavy metal/pole dancing crossover act? Do you plan to follow this path?

Oh my god. YES. At the moment we’re actually training super hard in order to gain as much weight as we possibly can. Then we can play topless and eventually take on the new, more seductive stage name of Dead Tits.

What separates you from the plethora of other hardcore bands who write whiny lyrics about their ex-girlfriends?

It could be that we haven’t had a plethora (big words confuse us) of ex-girlfriends to actually write about. Most of our songs are usually whinging about something much more serious. For instance, ‘mum telling us to clean our room’ or ‘Centrelink won’t give us rockstar money’.

When are you playing your next ULTRA HARDCORE gig and why should we come?

We are heading cross-country to take our rock and roll all the way to Wrangler Studios in Melbourne on the 6th of August with some other emo and goth bands including Coves, Incentives, Diamond Construct and The Gloom in the Corner.

The show starts at 2pm and we are expecting a crowd of at least three to four people, so that alone is the reason you should come (please come, we don’t want to play to another empty crowd).

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Words by Jordan Leovic

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