Memories of first everything still lingers

Hi and goodbyes, hot and cold fights,

A freefall kind of love, we never knew what’s right.


Laughters and unforgettable banters end with kisses goodnight.

Flashback figures of us walking by,

The journey of our faint footprints linger side by side.

A slow drive or a long drive, it was clearly ride or die,

We didn’t get the memo of our life’s story on God’s lines.


Heartbeats of a familiar rhythm kept us alive,

A roller coaster ride, or a tug of war fight,

With our grips giving away from time to time.

Possible futures vanished from one’s sight.

To the moon and back, love never came back right.

What’s meant to be forever was bounded with time.

My head on your chest, I heard the truth in your lies.

We’ve both held on enough, it’s the very last ride,

When you said you wouldn’t leave me…

I’m a fool no more.

You couldn’t look me in the eye.

May our paths diverge, it’s time we both crash and die.


Words by Alissa Yeo

Illustration by Maria Dizazzo

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