Don’t Give Up

I know you can’t help problems like insomnia and lack of sleep,
But the habits you can control, please try to make positive, and keep.
Eat fruit and veg each day, drink water and you’ll see, 
Your body will start thanking you for this energy. 
You may feel more positive, and be more productive throughout the day-
Or even have the crazy thought, though it’s weird to say
To exercise your body, even just a tiny bit.
A short walk here, a plank or sit up there, please just don’t quit-
It’s not to lose weight, or to change who you are,
Just to help you feel good, so you can fly high and go far.
So please take care of yourself. You can do this, though sometimes it’s tough
and never forget to remind yourself that you are enough.

You are still here. You’ve come this far-
You haven’t given up on what you want or who you are,
And you’re not going to. Please keep on keeping on-
Never lose focus no matter what goes wrong.
We can reach out to others and help them on their way,
But please don’t sell yourself out so they don’t have to pay.
Give them a bit of time and listen to their thoughts
But make sure you have a shoulder to cry on when it’s you that needs to talk.
I implore you please, never stop caring for others. 
It’s simply in our nature to love and care for one another.
But please, I urge you, look after yourself first. 
We need to drink water ourselves before satisfying someone else’s thirst.
You see, everything comes from something, and whilst we feel like we can keep giving,
We need to take or accept at some point, and not hold back ourselves from living.

I’ve seen many hurt, and a few burnt out.
I see other people on the road to that, and it makes me want to shout-
No! Jump off, while you still have the chance-
Otherwise you’ll get caught up in this crazy dance,
Where you don’t want to step out of place, or let anyone down.
But this can cause you to lose the joy and eventually start to frown.
I don’t want that for you, at any point at all.
I hope that you will continue standing tall;
Not be weighed down by others burdens you’ve picked up-
But rather, be able to simply support them whilst filling your own cup.

Words by Sarah Harbinson

Photography by Sascha Visari

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