Fringe Review: Love, Loss and Lattes

Love, Loss and Lattes
Presented by Missy

Forget breakfast. Coffee is Missy’s most important meal of the day. Throughout her performance in Love, Loss and Lattes, Missy takes us on an all-too-familiar journey of a coffee devotee through life’s ups and downs. During the desolate moments of life, to the joyous and loving times, Missy proves that a relationship with coffee is a constant one in an awe-inspiring expression through dance and circus.

Like the perfect blend, Missy’s performance is strong and satisfying. The one-woman show begins simply: a stressed out university student finding solace and motivation in caffeine. There is little speech in the show, which is most appropriate. Instead, the audience is invited to reflect on the mere components of physical theatre and dance to appreciate the story.

Missy opens her routine with a rhythmic dance using falling study papers. Although this sequence starts off slow – and in coffee-terms, arrives lukewarm –  it very much compares to a beginner coffee drinker, who hasn’t quite found the perfect brew. However, the striking and undeniably impressive acts soon kick in, like heart-starting espressos that really gets the audience pumping. A flawless sequence on aerial ribbons has viewers gripping their seats in awe, while her swirls and strength on the pole put us and our athletic abilities to shame.

Minimal props and dialogue highlight Missy’s pure talent, composure, strength and balance. Simple, yet powerful, her show very much represents her ideal order: no glitter, no frills, just good, hot coffee.

Read more about Love, Loss and Lattes and buy tickets here.

Words by Adrienne Goode

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