Imag[in]e: Angus Smith

Angus Smith is an insanely talented illustrator who is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) at UniSA. His unique digital style tunes into imaginative and honest creations inspired by street art, television shows and video games. Angus shares a few words about his process and passions.

1. Can you tell me a few things about your methods and how you work? 

I use very little to do my work I think, just a pencil and paper, photograph it, slap it on the computer and get vectoring which is where the majority of the work is done. It’s real simple and a very minimalistic way to work, really no need for a great deal of space or resources.

I colour all of my work in Illustrator and will use Photoshop on the rare occasion, vector based art makes a lot more sense to me.

2. What inspires your work?

I think it’s a good mix of inspiration during my upbringing (specifically the tv shows), street art, video games and historical figures.

Shows such as The Simpsons and Seinfeld, Street Artists like Sainer and Bezt from ETAM Cru, Video games like Halo and Pacman have helped me craft the style I work in today.

3. What industry experience do you have?

I’ve been in a few low key art shows and have done commissioned work for a handful of people and businesses but I’m still at uni and that demands a tonne of time. I’ll be getting a lot more personal and professional works into motion after this year. As for understanding how to market and create effective visuals, I look forward to growing this hobby into a career.

4. Who are your favourite artists?

I have a great number that I could mention however I will keep it brief. Street artwork from the likes of ARYZ, The Yok, Erase and Arsek have made that artform irresistible to me, they use colour, form and location to masterful proportions. As for standard illustration and character design, Sergi Brosa is the be all and end all. Great emotive characters and really sells colour schemes and detail in every single art piece. Finally Musketon, who is a pioneer in vector art in my opinion. He really guided my interests to that style of art and how flexible it can be.

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