Trump’s Wall

George Vlassis shares his thoughts on Donald Trump’s bid for presidency.

A new wall may be emerging. It’s not The Wall from TV drama Game of Thrones. Nor is it another Pink Floyd album title. This is a particularly vile and hideous type of wall. It’s called the Trump wall.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has gained tremendous popularity in recent months, with his hopes of taking over the presidential reign in early 2017 looking like it could be a scary reality. It begs the question, where has this momentum come from? One thing is for certain and that is his unorthodox approach to campaigning which is laced with politically incorrect policy proposals, outlandish personal attacks on fellow politicians and his very unique way of perpetuating the message that modern-day politics is riddled with self agendas.

If you ask a Trump supporter, they’re likely to express how refreshing it is to have a candidate really tell it how it is, a quality people seem to celebrate. Another treat, which seems to make him all the more sweeter, is that his entire campaign is self-funded and he doesn’t rely on external donors or lobby groups. Does that make Mr Trump a lone ranger? Perhaps a loan ranger calling the shots, pardon my pun.

Trump represents himself and he’s not in it for the interest of others. Some would say it’s a breath of fresh air but the concern remains: how will the future look with a president who is unqualified, inexperienced and completely crass in political discourse? As much as people like Trump’s tell-it-how-it-is approach, this is a man who wants to build a giant wall across the American southern border. A wall that is intended to reduce foreign integration and marginalise people of particular backgrounds—most notably Mexicans and Muslims. Trump also wants to create a list of every Muslim living in the US. That’s right, a list. Sound familiar?

If we allow this type of talk and potential action to dictate political importance, then unfortunately American society is running backwards into a type of belief system that mimics Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Perhaps a harsh comparison, but the similarities are there.

Trump’s campaign is fuelled by the notion that others are responsible for America’s apparent decline. His campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is an insinuation that America has fallen behind other nations and is no longer the super power it once was. According to Republicans, their great nation has been crippled by China’s current economic dominance coupled with Obama’s weak stance on foreign policy. Another interesting comparison can be made between Trump and Hitler, considering he rose to power after the Great Depression and blamed the Jews for Germany’s unstable economic climate at the time. Based on Trump’s popularity gain, this suggests that the American people are afraid of being perceived as weak and have fallen for Trumps scare tactics in blaming particular minorities for the apparent decline.

I struggle to understand how building a giant wall and creating a list of every Muslim living in the States will help America regain its ‘great again’ status. Trump hasn’t even been able to clarify how a wall of this proportion will even be built. People seem to be falling for Trump’s persona rather than his policies. If he prevails, America will be on one hell of a roller coaster ride until the next election. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and the American people see beyond Trump’s bark.

Words and image by George Vlassis

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