What I Wish He Said

Once warmth in my chest

now pain in my lungs,

but who knew.

It now creeps in

with a vengeance

always uninvited

it settles in its place.

It makes me think

it’s normal not to care,

like someone I once knew.

The truth is sometimes

the bravest thing you can

do is face the day,

sometimes the only thing you

will do is cry all day,

and that’s okay,

I know there’s sadness

in your heart but

don’t let go, we’re not

even halfway through

the halftime show,

it’s a paved road,

flowers won’t always grow.

Now I pick up the pieces

and do my best,

I tell myself what

I needed to hear.


Words by Mateusz Kryszkiewicz

Image by Carolyn Booth

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