Imag[in]e: Hannah Vorrath-Pajak

Hannah Vorrath-Pajak challenges the perception of brown as a visually unpleasant colour. Currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts, her paintings feature refreshing takes on both the natural and constructed worlds. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I’ve found recently that a lot of my inspiration comes from nature and the patterns and compositions you can find within it. For example, the patterns in tree trunks and leaves.

You’ve said that your art consists greatly on uncontrolled factors, such as the random flow of the ink and water. Do you find it more or less rewarding when something brilliant happens by chance?

I definitely find it more rewarding when something amazing happens by chance. It gives you something to build from and often makes it easier to decide what to do next. It can also make the piece look less rigid and contrived which is something I’m growing to like more and more.

Does your art explore any recurring themes?

I’m not aware that my art explores any exact themes, apart from it being quite earthy.

It’s often said that artists reveal a piece of themselves in their work. Does your work reflect anything about yourself?

I think my art reflects the connection I have with the world: the soil, plants, people and animals, as well as the places I’ve been to.

Where’s your favourite place in Adelaide to create art?

My favourite place in Adelaide to make things would probably be university because there are always people around to bounce ideas off of.

Do you collect anything?

I don’t have any official collections as such, no. But I think it would be nice to one day have a whole bunch of decorative pillows. I’ve got one so far.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I hope to have a job that in some way involves visual arts, whether it be at a university or art gallery, as well as having my own practice.

Check out Hannah’s work on her Instagram account @hannahvorrathpajak

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