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Isabella Whittaker is the creator of ‘Babes’, which is a collection of the grooviest people you’ve ever laid eyes on. Explore the wonderland as Verse’s very own graphic designer Rachael talks to Isabella about all things art, Instagram captions, and inspiration. 

How did you initiate your ‘Babes’ business?

I have been creating babes for the last year and a bit and have just been going absolutely nuts with ideas, techniques and mediums. It wasn’t until I got some silkscreens made up and started printing tops that I took a step back and realised that this idea was so much bigger than an A4 pad of babes in a sketch pad. It was at that point I decided I could try make Babes a ‘thing’ and dedicate every waking moment on improving and creating. To me it’s so insane. I can’t wait to keep expanding.

Your Babes are riveting, they express such diversity across all fields, why babes?

I’m just reflecting what I believe and what I find beautiful. I admire strength and believe their structure, both emotive and visually, reflect this. I love illustrating peaceful unity between unique beings.

Oh, so we stalked your Instagram (would highly recommend) and your captions caught our eye, where did this idea spring from?

Haha, I am such an impatient person and waiting for any event was such a drag. I downloaded a countdown app that would instantly tell me how long I had to wait down to the second. So strange. I then found out I could go the other way and thought it’d be cool to find out how many days old I am.

From then on, all the grams I post have the day taken or created. I see Instagram as a visual diary in a way, so it’s a fun way of documenting in a wacky chronological order.

Also, we noticed you’ve travelled… what did this change for you?

Yes! I recently went on a family holiday to Thailand and Vietnam. The environment over there is so dynamic and there is sooo much inspo to soak up. I think this particular holiday gave me heaps of colour inspiration. There were so many gorgeous pink and orange run down, blank walls. I’m seriously digging warm colours at the moment and have applied heaps of it to the initial branding of ‘Babes’.

What media do you primarily use? Techniques? methods? What’s the dealio?

Babes started off as simple, thin pen work which developed into watercolour quite quickly. I then went a little loopy and started moulding pins and beads for people to start wearing babes day to day. A few months back I managed to get my mitts on a little tablet so I’ve been drawing babes straight onto the computer which is suuuper different but so much fun. I’ve even started animating them which is knocking my socks off!!

I was then lucky enough to get some silk screens made up and have been printing babe t-shirts for about two months. Medium and technique wise, babes have no end. If it’s got a surface, I’ll figure out a way to whack a babe on it. Hahah.

So, what’s next for you in the context of your business?

Oooh ahhh, I’m unsure but soooo excited to see where it takes me. I’m so pumped with the clothing that I’m doing at the moment and hope to expand on that. I’ve started printing on socks and bralettes which has been super cool.

I’d love to get back into jewellery but have limited knowledge in that area, particularly firing small clay discs to paint on. (If you’ve got a brain for it, holla!)

Who’s your fav real life inspiration babe?

WHAT A QUESTION!!!! There are a few.. First and foremost, my ultimate babe, Skray. She’s my food loving, adventure going, creative soul sister (with an exquisite gram might I add @sarayamorella). Love. Her. To. Bits.

Número dos would haaave to be the outrageously talented Hugo Gruzman. Ugh! Where do I begin… The creativity that comes out of that man blows my mind. The snapchat art is what initially intrigued me. Seriously UNBELIEVABLE!! The imagination he has to develop such masterpieces is truly inspiring. Such a supportive and creative being.

Three, the mighty fine dude babe, Louis Theroux. How could he not make the list?!?! I’m such a huge fan and particularly love the way he challenges and stretches people’s ideas. He has this wonderful open mindedness about him. I’d like to think I take inspo from that frame of mind when creating babes.

The list goes on with the two most supportive babes I know, Stef and Soph. I’m all about strong babes and these gals are prime inspo for creating women with such power and dedication.

My final ultimate inspo babe would have to be my current studio teacher. She’s this wonderfully insightful being that continues to push and question our concepts whilst maintaining this optimistic and exciting personality. Seriously. Babe.

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Words by Rachael Sharman.

Images by Isabella Whittaker.

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