Imag[in]e: Madeleine Larkin

Welcome to the world of student, Madeleine Larkin. Currently studying teaching at UniSA, illustrating is a mighty fine outlet to make something of everything. Combing line work with bright spots of colour Madeline invites everyone to interpret the way she sees the world.

You have such a talent for illustration, especially creating unique and eccentric works. What has influenced you to study teaching?

I love kids so so much and think that they are so so very important. I want to teach them to love learning and I wanna teach them to love and learn from every experience they find themselves in.

Specifically, what field of teaching would you like to go into?

I would like to go into a field of dandelions, accompanied by a dragon with transparent skin. I want to teach primary school kids.

Is there a chance you would look at combining your art into your persona as a teacher?

Oh yes yes yes! I wouldn’t force kids to use art as their form of expression but I would and will encourage them to create things, constantly.

What’s your go-to playlist when you’re drawing? Oh and your mood song (so you know when you’re in that mind frame where the only thing that’s going to solve all your problems is that one song)?

Oh my! My mood always changes and so do my musical needs and so do my drawings and so does everything. I super enjoy drawing to music that makes me feel as though honey is dripping from the sun and into my ears, especially with all this warm weather! Some songs that do this for me are:

  • Intro – Yellow Days (Great Great song! If you are reading this please listen to it!)
  • Windows – Sugar Candy Mountain
  • 363N63 – King Krule
  • Fall in Love – The Babe Rainbow
  • Summertime – Booker T. & the M.G.’s
  • The Spider And Me – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / Mild High Club (this is a great song I love it!)

I love insects a lot. Biophilia by Christopher Marley is a beautiful book that you should read/look at if you love insects.

Do you have any dramatic influences in your life that have encouraged your drawing style?

I enjoy getting really mad at myself while drawing but in the nicest way possible. This seems to translate into smooth lines.

Your art has a sense of excitement, the beauty of the unknown or unreal – I’m eager to uproot my whole life and move into your world. How do you view your work?

My art is full of people, places, food, smells, sounds, feelings, animals, thoughts and so many things that I have experienced. Sometimes I draw a moment, a song, a day that I have experienced or I just draw what ever my brain feels like leaking out.

Name 3 new objects that you can merge into your next creation?

  1. Blood
  2. Sweat
  3. Tears

haha hehe hehe

Where to next with your illustrations? Or is it just nice as a creative outlet?

I would love to learn how to make my drawings into vector files so that I can make t-shirts and fun things! If anyone reading this wants to help me out please feel free to message me! I just really like creating!

Check out Madeleine’s Instagram: @mafialarkin


Words by Rachael Sharman.

Images by Madeleine Larkin.

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