Imag[in]e: Nicole Faiello

Design encourages the concept of imagination and to produce what’s not necessarily inside the box. 3rd year visual communications Graphic Design student Nicole Faiello throws odd limbs and things into a creation that not only tricks the eye but also come together for a pop art-y, mellow design.

What sparks your interest in combining an element people would eat, with a physical part of someone or objectified object?

Ooooh, well I’ve always kind of been captivated with the way in which the human body can be symbolised. I feel that when connecting an object or element that isn’t commonly juxtaposed against a physical part of the body gives audiences a chance to figure out and create their own meanings which I think is a great thing and kind of allows the viewer to be connected to the design as well as yourself.

I also feel as though some fruits such as cherries, peaches and other objects are quite sexualised and have the ability to represent countless meanings so I tried to show that through some of my designs.

To me design and art has the ability to leave people with numerous impressions and notions of what a piece of work could mean and I think the idea of it being a bit twisted and confusing leaves people wanting to know more about it. I also enjoy the idea that items such as food or even every day objects can symbolise and project a meaning greater than when it’s shown on its own.

I see the re-occurrence of a dripping elements, repetition and fading of objects, are your designs, in a sense, a representation of your experiences or persona?

I guess you could say it is, most of the designs I create are from my own experiences and what I take from them, which is then twisted in my own way and put into a design that probably doesn’t make sense to some people but shows kind of how I felt and saw the situation. Then again some designs are basically just stuff I see everyday which are then connected together to represent a certain emotion or scenario.

In a sense the designs fading out and dripping are a way to communicate my persona as I am pretty extroverted and unflustered (what a word) about most things so nothing I create is really serious and dark but yeah hahah sorry for the little dramatic bio about myself but I try to show through colour and imagery that I don’t have much angst left in me hahaha.

Your work highlights strong, distinctive lines and solid contrasting colours- what message do you intend to send through these elements?

I think the message for each design kind of varies depending on what they represent. The warm and pastel colours are a way in which I show that situations or scenarios don’t have to be bad and just highlights the quirkiness and peculiarity that is rarely captured but I kind of enjoy.

What future plans do you have for your designs?

I kind of want to expand and improve on designing and see what I like the most, there is always room for improvement haha. I’m planning on maybe pinning a style down so there is consistency but I don’t know, I quite like how my designs have different visuals but the rhythm and repetition of characteristics are the same.

With strong Graphic elements, where do you envision your work?

Ahhh well to be honest seeing as I haven’t really expanded beyond doing a couple of Instagram posts and a few interviews I would say anywhere hahah! Just teasing, but not really, probably in magazines and on posters. Although, I would love to have an art exhibition, even see it up on a wall, as tattoo designs, but really, anything which isn’t on the computer screen, would be so bizarre to see! I’m pretty much up for any kind of way it could be used, not very fussed. As I shouldn’t be hahaha. Hopefully soon my close friend and I will be setting up a market stall and I will be selling some designs so hopefully that goes well.

Say your graphics grooved to the backing track of some musical genius …. Who would it be? And what correlation do you draw between them?

Oh wowza what a good question, music is a big part of my process and influences my designs quite a lot so I don’t think I can pick one really. Oh no don’t want to be one of those people who adds on haha but I would say either Client Liaison, Sui Zen, Palms or Alpine. Three bands I know, but I find them to have songs or some songs which fit well with the quirky and chilled ambience that is expressed through my designs.

Is there a space or environment you commonly find yourself creating designs in?

Sounds so boring but I’m usually creating designs in my bedroom because no one really bugs me when I’m in there hahah, also because I can put on music and other sounds are kind of mute. As my memory is a bit photographic I like to see stuff in everyday life and then go and draw it later as my perception of it is a bit warped and I can really think about the designs meaning and what I envision it to turn out like.

Okay, so what fruit are you going to mix in next, because personally I think you could work a pineapple or avocado kinda fresh summer salad?

Hahahah I love it. What a great choice of fruits, although every time I think of avocado drawings I think of those terrible greeting cards or tumblr designs saying “lets avocuddle” with the two sides of avocado’s trying to cuddle hahaha and that is not happening so I’d say probably a peach, cherry, or orange again or berries.

Interview by Rachael Sharman.

Images by Nicole Faiello.

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