A night in Barcelona

By Laura Antoniazzi

Barcelona is a diverse city in Spain, with plenty of activities available to amuse people of all ages. From those who wish to party at the biggest clubs in the world, to those who desire a quiet night by the beach sipping sangria, Barcelona is your Utopia.

One can discover the golden beaches, hosted by stretches of elegant bars, each offering typical Spanish tapas and a generous span of cocktails. The soft sand is filled with rows of bikini bodies tanning in the radiant heat, as others drink Estrella beer from a can while attempting to play beach volleyball.

A 20 minute walk from the beach leads you to the Gothic Quarter, dating as far back as the Roman settlement in Barcelona. The buildings comprise of grey, eerie architecture, taking you on a historical journey along the small pebble paths and cracked stonewalls. Statues of unique figures fill the peaks of buildings as the burning sun shines behind them. This city is renowned for its beauty, thrilling architecture and extensive culture.

As night time finds the sleepless city, restaurants start to buzz, and the smell of tapas meanders into the busy streets. Soon after, thousands of mixed-aged party animals find themselves in heaven, as streets fill every night with cacophonous and enlivened people, ready for a night of drinking and dancing.

The famous ‘Nasty Monday’, held in central Barcelona, attracts over 1 300 people every week. The smell of sweat and alcohol stain the walls of large clubs, as thousands dance to the ‘back in time’ rock and roll music. Smoke machines add to the rousing atmosphere, as the DJ turns the music louder upon request of the cheering audience. This is only one of the many party sensations Barcelona has to offer in its wild collection of top-notch clubs and fancy bars.

Barcelona is incomplete without the traditional form of Spanish folk music and dance, the all-famous Flamenco. Rhythmic feet tapping, expressive arms and the emotional journey the dancer invites you to share, are the qualities Flamenco is eminent for. As the females brush off their long, flowing, colourful skirts, the males shine their shoes, ready to impress the buoyant audience. The guitar starts its melody and the singer joins in when the dancers are poised and ready to excite. The seductive slow movement of the dancers tempt the audience to watch closer, as the movement is unpredictable.

Then suddenly, the guitar starts to increase its beat, the singer hurls a huge note and the performers thrash their heels loudly, tapping and sweating to the audience’s cheer. Skirts are flowing, flowers are thrown and the audience is encapsulated in the alluring and exhilarating atmosphere. The night is topped off with tapas ranging from homemade meatballs, dark red Spanish sausage sourced from Extremadura, and mixed grilled vegetables. As the show closes, the audience roars, clinking their glasses of wine and sangria, ready to continue their adventure in the big city.

For those who enjoy a nice walk in the shining sun, rather than the partying scene in the mid hours of the morning, Park Güell will please. The garden is filled with architectural structures, designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. The buildings were built between 1900 and 1914, featuring works that are out of the ordinary. Gaudí’s inspiration was uniqueness. He defied the laws of typical architecture to create the famous sensation. Columns are sloped and uneven, houses contain colourful mosaics, roofs are bumpy and doors are curvy. The park is a fairy tale, featuring structures you have to see to believe. A walk through this tranquil garden is a fantastic way to end your adventure in Barcelona.


  1. Thank you for this detailed description of Barcelona. I went to Spain last year, and this has brought back memories. A great read – very good!

    Thanks love,


  2. Great article. My favourite part was the use of the verb “meanders”. 10/10 would read again.

  3. After reading this article. It’s on m bucket list! Laura keep up the great writing skills.

  4. This article brings back ever lasting memories of Barcelona. A city that knows how to live!

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