Beyond Lust and Envy

By Anne Jackson


lusting over shadows on a page

false images parading on a glossy stage

she starved, consumed by the craving to be fashionably thin

to gain what was promised to those who fit in


sustained by envy’s tainted taste

she had chased a belief in beauty misplaced

insubstantial forms that beckoned, smiling, from empty spaces

close proximity revealed their plastic faces


caught by her own delusions

ravaged by gusts of fashionable illusions

she was tossed, discarded, in a world distorted by starvation

trapped in a wasteland of her minds creation


she fled, through trees stunted, twisting as they died

their roots shrivelled undernourished and dried

in earth that cracked, craving to ease its lust

as the thirsty soil crumbled to dust


she ran blind, sightless in the haze of the dying day

tripping on creatures that starved where they lay

their flesh eroding, revealing their bones

envy tied round their necks like stones

they couldn’t rise from the weight

insidiously sealing their fate

in isolation they starved

faces gaunt and carved

stomachs caved in

limbs so thin


disillusioned, she fell amongst the remains

steps echoing in the dry silence of the plains

like an unborn babe, she curled

defenceless, against the fallacies of the world


lust for an ideal, an illusion of life

sliced her flesh to the bone like a knife

voiceless, screaming in silence

she protested the depths of social violence


the darkness wrapped around

like a shroud of velvet tightly bound

soft layers blinded her eyes

stifled the sour scent of her sighs


her knees ground sharp against her brow

piercing the illusions that dreams endow

exposing the fear that lay hidden within

concealed beneath her parchment skin


spilling out over the earth

it fed a seed awaiting rebirth

in the light of the morning dew

a single blood red blossom grew

with the whisper of a rattling breath

she unfurled, arose, walked away from death

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