Tiny Gallery: Emma Cuppleditch

Image Credit: Emma Cuppleditch, Tiny Gallery Artist Ed. 14

A Dream – 35 mm Black and White Film

At first, the people didn’t notice the tiny specks of colour that danced about the town. We didn’t notice the increase of joyous life that was spread between us as they drifted through our air.

However, before long they were undeniable, everywhere. The town was swallowed up by a huge, optimistic glow. The people came together and danced under the sun. The butterflies became one with us as they sat upon our skin.

And as the day turned into darkness we gathered close and let them cover us, falling asleep united…

I woke alone in my bed with bright colours glowing inside my eyelids and memories of an amicable town so real I could swear it might have happened.

Words & Images by Emma Cuppleditch.

Instagram: @emma_loo

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