Image by Sarah Sturm.

Once your words were not lost,

Now they hover in confusion.

Dispersed amongst the hollow fields,

Swallowing the depth of your mind.

Time ticks backwards to seal this fate,

Do not ever believe you are alone.

Creases engraved into burdened cheeks,

A true smile held captive in restraint.

Unleash the tension from hibernation,

The reflection you seek can be broken in two.

Heaviness is weighted with a deepened force,

We endeavour to catch you as you descend.

A lifetime now placed in reservation,

You continue to battle as the spiral unfolds.

Disillusioned as though walls engulf you,

This loss threatens to separate us.

Your love cascades through worried hearts,

As your memory withdraws from our view.

Words by Gemma Itropico.

Image by Sarah Sturm.

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