The sunset melts above the Torrens,

The ode of Kookaburras resume the day

A veiled lady searches for her Qurans,

Dusted at the corner of book display.

The hilal spells a new moon,

the holy month of Ramadan

at the gate of winter in June,

brekkies held at the dawn.


Athan is sounded from minarets,

A call for a maghrib prayer

Beneath the sky the sun sets,

comes the eleventh month of the year.

Men in white caps; ladies in white veils

Reset the routines of evenings

Cold wind streams down the steep dale

The fasting month is beginning.


My dilapidated soul ashamed

Yet excited to see holy nights

Like a bastard longing for an innocent beloved

restoring intention to do rights.

My sinful hands were shaking

Holding anger, jealousy and greed

My days were ambition, my nights were dreams

O..Ramadan, my sinful heart bleed.


In the dark early morning I awake,

Before the first B10 bus passes

Suhoor meal and warm honey I make

Preparing the entire cells to fast

Fasting for a one day journey

From the sunrise to the sunset

My soul is not always ready

Yet it’s longing for a mental reset


In the land of mosque scarce,

My Ramadan of silence

Friends were worried that I’m too harsh

Emptying tummy for twelve hours.

Body resists from any pleasure

Food, lust, greed, enjoyment, abundance

Fasting is a soul training I assure

Emptiness teaches noneness and patience


By hunger I feel the famine of my brothers

In far far away lands of pittance

Mine is only a day withers,

Theirs is gluttony of constant.

By thirst I am longing for clean water

abundance for me, luxury for them

their thirst is eternal, mine is shorter

O gratitude, you are a gem.


As the sunset melts above the Torrens,

And Kookaburras resume the day

maghrib athan is my sirens

hunger and thirst met their gourmet.

The day of ambition has conquered

The night of dreams melted

My dilapidated soul needs a long run

O, the month of Ramadan.

Words by Arnis Silvia.

Image by Lisa Vuong.

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