Editor’s Letter: Edition 20

From Jesse Neill

Wow. What a year. 2017 blurred by and while it seemed like a year marred by doom and gloom, there were some bright spots too.

The 20th edition of Verse reflects this dichotomy of optimism and heartache, with a variety of creative pieces that will tug at your emotional strings, exploring everything from Pratchett to plums.

While it’s a time to reflect on the year that has been, it’s also a time to look ahead. So I leave you with a little message from the Verse team this year – myself, Simon, Georgia and Sascha –  whether you’re returning to UniSA or it’s your first day, good luck in 2018!

Embrace every moment with determination rather than indecision, with curiosity rather than indifference, and with love rather than fear. Celebrate the little wins and remember – love wins.

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