What makes up your identity is more than meets the eye.


Circumference of ideas

Splash of colours

Little quirks

The things that make me

That hold me steady

Smudge the words on that letter

Can not marry

Achy war wound


Faded lover

Brand new lines

Bright blue eyes

Got that hair

Jealousy miles

Twitchy fingers

Scratchy mind

Seen by some

Harder to find


Mirror image of softer spoken words

Entwined slowly in verses


Still here

Same in some ways

Different in others

Goals and dreams


Smiles for another

Bumping elbows

Learning ways

Rainbow heartstrings

Left brained displayed

Minority contemplating

Still refuse

To hide identity

We didn’t choose


In a piece by piece review

Impatient others

No time to enjoy the view

Self-love chosen freely

Hold the hand closest to your heart

Identity accepted by me

Tough beginning

New start


Words by Kayla Bentley

Illustration by Sarah Nguyen

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