That Time We Were Infinite

A moment is a chapter in the story of your life


Hundreds of hands sky high – reaching.

Reaching for something, yet nothing at all.

Beat. Beat. Beat. The poison drum tears us apart. It leaves us raw.

Raw under the watchful eye of the infinite sun –

The watchful eye that has seen each life come, each life go.

Beat. Beat. Beat. With each note the fire within burns stronger –

Bodies compressed but souls free-

All different but all the same.

All the same and all hungry – yearning for a meal we cannot attain.

Sweat, tears, laughs and cries keep us full for a sweet moment,

An infinite moment –

Raw. Mortal. Alive. Dancing under the eternal gaze of the late afternoon sun

As it slips, tonight and forever, beneath the silky horizon.


Words by Emma Carrigan

Photography by Dallas Nery

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