To My Daughter

You sleep, so soundly, so peacefully, and the worries of the world have not yet etched lines into your face.

And so I make these promises to you.

I want you to know that you will always be more than just pretty. You will be pretty amazing, pretty talented, pretty strong, pretty extraordinary. Pretty will just be a superlative, a suffix, an adjective used in front of the words that truly describe who you are. And I will help you get there.

I will teach you, guide you and discipline every step of the way to help you become the woman you can be. The world will undress you. Strip you down off your clothes, your skin, right down to the barest of your bones, and take you apart piece by piece. And when they do, they will find nothing but beauty, wonder and resilience there, shouting back at them. They will break for you cannot be broken and your strength will resonate through the hearts of those who tried to tear you apart. And I will help you get there.

The world will say that you shouldn’t demand the things you do. They will tell you boys will be boys but you
will raise your voice, with conviction and say the word NO with so much power that they will bow at your feet. You will not be a victim, my darling, for you will be a fighter, warrior, and you will never settle for anything less than you deserve. You will be catastrophically unyielding and you will be a woman who builds others up. And I will help you get there.

Please know that you do not owe your beauty to anyone but yourself my darling. Not to me, your lovers, your friends or society. Your beauty is yours and yours alone, and the light that you grow within you and shine on others will be the only beauty you should share with the world. Your skin, face, eyes, breasts… The beauty in your body is yours alone, and you will love yourself with so much abandon that others won’t be able to help but love the light you carry within you. And I will help you get there.

You will make mistakes, your heart will break, your spirit and endurance will take many hits but you will rise and rise again. You will know when to fend for yourself and when to ask for help, for everyone needs help and that is okay. Your strength will move mountains. You will live your life on your own terms. Not mine, your father’s, your lover’s, your friends’. Yours, yours, yours. And I will help you get there.

Words by Savindri Perera

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