In[ter]view: Dave Court

Nothing stands in the way of creativity for Dave Court, a local artist with an eye for fashion. He runs his own clothing label foolsandtrolls while simultaneously taking care of Created Range and designing the artwork for local publication Yewth Magazine.

What inspired you to start your own clothing label?

I was always interested in drawing and making things. It was through music that I got into art and clothing when I was around 14-15. I also discovered artists through album artwork and merch from hardcore bands around that time.

What’s the story behind the name foolsandtrolls?

It came from that time when Charlie Sheen had a meltdown and one of the things he kept saying was, ‘I’m surrounded by fools and trolls’. I thought it was an amusing turn of phrase.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a business owner?

All the boring business stuff. Retail is tough right now, Adelaide is small, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything.

How helpful was your university degree in starting foolsandtrolls?

I started foolsandtrolls while I was in my second year of Visual Arts, doing a printmaking course. There weren’t any teachers that taught screen printing at the time so I taught myself with a bit of help and had free run of the screen printing facilities at uni. It was good to be around and work with other people making cool things as well.

You’re also accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. How does this tie in with your own beliefs?

I believe that it’s a good thing to avoid causing misery and exploitation in general. With clothing being my chosen area, I’m in a position of responsibility to make sure that everyone in my supply chain has fair pay and conditions.

Who would you ideally like to see wearing the foolsandtrolls label and why?

Anyone who wants to. Charlie Sheen. I also printed a matching tracksuit for my grandpa recently.

Where would you like to see foolsandtrolls in five years?

Stocked in some more nice stores interstate and internationally and making lots of different, cool things.

You can check out more of Dave’s groovy designs at or visit his Created Range store at Shop 13 in Regent Arcade.

Words by Jordan Leovic

Images by Dave Court


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