Fall in love with yourself the way you fall in love with other people.

I see it in your eyes. You take everything in.

You fall in love with people when they merely exist.

You fall in love with their moments.

While others stare at the intensity of someone’s eyes when engulfed in a book, you however, stare at their hands and the way their fingertips rub against the yellowing pages.

When someone catches their reflection, and for a second their eyes linger before they walk away, you wonder why their biggest insecurity is the sunburn on their chin. After all, it is only proof the sun has lit up their smile.

You watched the boy you like slip on a green hooded jumper and now you haven’t seen the colour green the same since. It’s in everything.

You feel too deeply, you love too deeply—it’s either all or nothing. I know it kills you.

It kills you to know that not everyone feels as intensely as you do.

You do all of this in the hopes that, one day, someone will fall in love with your moments.

If you could see the way your face lights up when your favourite band plays on the radio and the way your dimples cave in so deeply, you would stop studying the faces of strangers wearing headphones on the bus.

If you could only feel a quarter of the amount of true, deep, burning, passionate, love that flows through your veins when you’re out there doing what you love the most, you would stop trying to cling onto the half-assed attempts you see strangers trying to convince themselves they have.

If you could see how beautiful and radiant your soul really is, you’ll never go to bed at night fearing that no one will ever fall in love with you.

Please, stop waiting for someone to fall in love with your moments and fall in love with them yourself. Take everything in. Engulf yourself in your existence.

But please take your time. There is so much to see.

Words by Carli Stasinopoulos

Image by Emiko Artemis

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