Reflections on the process of living through a day

I don’t want to overdo it,

This is nothing special.

My feelings are dull,


Our movements are slow,


My brain and I,


My ocean has run dry,

Lips chapped after the balm.

I was running around in circles and yet,

Nothing feels complete.

Are the skies always this pink?

I must have been sleeping through it this whole time.

Caught up in a daze,

Nowhere to call home.

Not even my head feels the same anymore,

In the midst of a quasi-recovery.

I’m not broken,

No need to be fixed.

Just laugh,

Smile a bit more at least.

Get out of bed,

Find a friend somewhere.


Whatever will work for now is enough.


That’s the end till I begin again.


Words by Jaiimeeta Magandram

Photography by Leilani Maldari

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