Keep calm and wear lipstick

By Anastasia Vento

The girl browsed the makeup store and was greeted by a pretty shop attendant wearing a bright shade of red lipstick. Her face was made-up to perfection and her eyelashes were long and flawless. How did she achieve such a glamorous look? the girl wondered, admiring her grey smoky eye shadow.

On a table were hundreds of coloured eye shadows. The choices were endless. The girl was in awe of the glittery pinks and metallic purples.

There was a lot to choose from and the girl had no idea where to begin. What colours are in fashion? What are this season’s trends? What colours should I buy this winter?

When it comes to buying makeup, it’s sometimes hard to choose the best products. Questions come to mind: what brand should I buy? What shade of eye shadow should I choose? How much should I spend? How do I apply it correctly?

Rosemary Cantone has the answers. She is a freelance makeup artist and manages her company Pretty Green Eyes Makeup & Beauty. She has worked in the makeup industry for seven years and the 31-year-old is also a state trainer and distributor for makeup line Motives by Loren Ridinger.

So, what are the trends this season?

‘This season, browns and greens are in for eye shadows. Not bright greens, but metallic greens,’ Cantone says.

Cantone explains that bright pink cheeks are also in as well as bold matte lips.

‘Red lipsticks are trending, and deep purples and maroons are quite popular at the moment.’

Celebrities such as Emma Watson and Jessica Chastain are often spotted wearing dark lipsticks. Raspberry shades and deep reds tend to be popular amongst many well-known names, especially Rihanna and Rita Ora. But what brands are best? Where can women shop for their makeup?

‘I would suggest Motives, a brand that I use [and work for]. It’s high in quality and low in price and the quality is along the lines of Mac and Chanel.

‘Mac and Napoleon are two very popular brands. They are good quality and they’re probably your mid-range brands,’ Cantone says. Other brands such as Clinique, Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon and Rimmel are widely used too.

A survey distributed among a number of Australian women found that 53 per cent wear makeup every day—but most of these women admit they are unsure how best to apply it.Cantone shared five easy steps:

  1. Using a brush, apply your foundation, and concealer.
  2. Apply your eye makeup. First eye shadow, followed by eyeliner, and mascara. Tip: For best results, apply your mascara in a zigzag motion.
  3. Add a little face powder, and apply your cheek colours and bronzer.
  4. Apply your lipstick.
  5. Finalise your makeup with a setting spray.

‘It’s important to choose your main feature,’ Cantone advises. ‘It can be your eyes or your lips.’

However, before you do the five-step procedure, you must prepare your face.

‘You wouldn’t paint on a dirty canvas, so why would you apply makeup on a dirty face?’ Cantone asks.

Before you do anything, cleanse, tone, and moisturise your face. Before you apply foundation, don’t forget your primer.

‘The younger you start looking after your skin, the better it is,’ Cantone says. ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

The same applies when you remove your makeup at the end of the day. Cantone suggests using a good quality eye makeup remover. Always start by taking your eye makeup off and then cleanse your skin.

‘Do a double cleanse at the end of the day. The first cleanse is to take any impurities off, any makeup you’re wearing and any dirt or grime you’ve picked up during the day. The second cleanse is to actually clean the skin itself. Also, do what you would do in the morning: tone and moisturise.’

Cantone believes the cosmetic industry is a recession-proof industry. ‘What that means is, even in times of recession, cosmetic companies have still done well in comparison to other industries. The reason being is that women will still buy their cosmetic products. They will still buy a lipstick to make themselves feel good.’

Of the women surveyed, most said they wear makeup to feel better and improve their appearance. One person said they feel more comfortable with makeup on. ‘I wear makeup to make me feel better about myself and help boost my confidence levels,’ an anonymous woman wrote.

‘I wear makeup when I have blemished skin, or when I want to feel pretty. It gives me more confidence when meeting new people, or if I want to make a good impression,’ another woman said.

Cantone believes a reason women wear makeup is to feel confident. ‘You can reflect your mood in your makeup. I find for me, if I’m feeling cranky, I’ll do my makeup dark. When you wear makeup, you can be whoever you want to be.’

Women don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup. Cantone said you can use an eye shadow as a blush and a blush as an eye shadow. ‘You can use your products for more than one thing. Products don’t have to be expensive to be good quality. It’s about doing some research and learning about your products.’

One last thing. What can a woman do in a time of crisis when a dot of mascara falls on her cheek?

‘Leave it!’ Cantone said. ‘Let it dry and take it off with a cotton tip.’

So, there you have it: an easy, one-stop makeup and skincare guide. Hopefully Rosemary Cantone’s advice will strike one thing off the stress list this year. You’re welcome.

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