Letter From The Editor

By Ilona Wallace

It’s half-past-one in the morning again, and, as always, it’s UniLife Magazine time. Only three weeks ago, Matteo, Josh, and I had no content for this issue. We had a deadline, a theme, and mad plans to fill these pages with art and the world outside university. So, we doubled the size and got a sweet new look. We started talking with Global Experience, with Gear Up, and with the marvellous International Student Representative, Kim Chau (we love Kim).


Tonight, I’m sitting among towers of paper—too many articles to ever fit in one magazine—beautiful art, stunning photographs, and so many wonderful stories. We can’t thank our contributors enough for sharing their thoughts and adventures. You’ve been magical, and we’ll be in touch again.


In this issue, you will travel to Hawaii, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Nepal, Qatar, Japan, and Gerrigerrup, Victoria. You’ll meet lions, musicians, and an almost-virgin. You’ll also be introduced to your student representatives (which one thinks he’s Liz Lemon?). We have a dazed Harajuku-wanderer, a real-life spy tale, tips for university life, and, most excitingly, a recipe for Apple Chew Vodka.


UniLife goes far beyond activities on campus, and we want 2013 to be the year that shows that UniSA students are more than just SuperTAFE kids. We travel, we experiment, we create, and we live.


Welcome to 2013. Welcome to the UniLife.

All the best,



Issue #2: Fantasy
Deadline Mon Apr 8.
Submissions to
UniLife.Magazine@unisa.edu.au or walir001@mymail.unisa.edu.au

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