Magill @ Twilight

By Chloe Svaikauskas

UniSA’s Magill campus played host to hundreds of high school students on Wednesday the 27th of August for the annual ‘Magill @ Twilight’ event.

Year 11 and 12 students from all over Adelaide flocked to the campus to see what the fuss was all about.

University staff and volunteers certainly put on a show for the visitors, offering a free sausage sizzle, great prizes and rockin’ music courtesy of the onsite DJ.

Visiting student, Amanda, said the whole thing was great to come and be a part of.

‘It’s a lot of fun. What they’ve got set up is cool and I like it.’

The atmosphere was really relaxed and casual as prospective students made their way around to see what Magill had to offer.

Some of the students were really impressed with the campus itself and how welcoming and homey it felt.

Year 12 student, Amelia, said that the campus itself was enough to convince her to enrol for next year.

‘It seems to have a really good vibe. I like how it’s really open,’ she said.

Fellow Year 12 student, Charlotte, said it was the outdoor atmosphere that really drew her in with all of the couches and seated areas to hang out between classes.

Georgia said that the beautiful scenery definitely helped UniSA get a tick on her checklist.

‘For me, for a place to be somewhere I like, the view has to be really pretty so I really like it here. Everything seems really close and it doesn’t seem like you’ll get lost so that’s a plus!’

The campus even organised its own version of the classic ‘Yellow Brick Road’ game to entertain its visitors.

With $100 vouchers to spend at Kikki K and UniBooks (I could do with one of those right now!) on offer, the students were able to go around the campus, collecting stickers and other bits and pieces to add to their goody bags.

At the end of it all, they had to take a selfie with one of their gifts, and the best shot would win them one of the vouchers.

If $100 vouchers aren’t an incentive to take a shameless selfie then I don’t know what is.

But it wasn’t all about the atmosphere, great views and free stuff.

The evening offered the students a variety of opportunities to learn all they needed to know about the different courses offered at the campus.

The Caf was home to booths fully equipped with information about education, social work, psychology, human services, history, Indigenous cultures and communication and media programs.

Each area was manned by student volunteers and some faculty members who were ready to help anyone who was interested.

Charlotte said that everyone was so great and helpful to anyone who needed it.

‘Everyone knows a lot about the place and they’ve been really friendly. The tour was really insightful and I got to know a lot of places and a lot of people…Everything seems really nice.’

The people helping around the campus were able to leave the students with a feeling of camaraderie and relief knowing that UniSA is a fun and friendly university to attend.

The volunteers themselves have said they were able to get something out of the event too, through the interaction with teachers, current students and future students.

Elizabeth, a volunteer who was helping people find their way around (which can be a task in itself given the maze-like design of the place), said volunteering can be very rewarding.

‘This is my first time volunteering and it’s actually not bad, it’s pretty cool. You can put it on your resume as well. I hope to get into more stuff like this.’

‘I’ve enjoyed interacting with people. It’s a good experience to increase confidence.’

If you, like Elizabeth, want to spruce up your resume and have some fun doing it, you too should volunteer to help out at events around the campus.

You get to meet new people, make new friends and perhaps even network with people in your chosen field.

‘Magill @ Twilight’ was such a fun event for all involved.

I was there to have a look around and ask some people their thoughts on the night and ended up staying and soaking it all in.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was wonderful and the people were so relaxed and welcoming that it made it rather hard to not have a good time.