Meet the New Editorial Team!

Another year, another editorial team. This year we promise big changes to the magazine, with a fresh new feel and fresh new title to the mag!

Head Editor – Georgina Vivian

Having changed degrees twice, she basks in the glory of being a self- professed professional student. While on paper, this is Georgina’s last year at Magill, the question begs: who knows what will happen next?

A lover of all things music and a keen soccer player, she can be found bobbing those curls everywhere. Her writing covers a wide range of genres and topics from witty poetry about her goldfish, and washing on the line.

In 2014, Georgina plans to organise and partake in the National University Doodlers Championships in which she is a promising winner.

Chief Sub-Editor – Divya Balakumar

Full of enthusiasm and having come all the way from Malaysia to see what the fuss in Radelaide is all about, Divya has embraced all the things this city has to offer.

Whether she’s in the classroom working her way through a mountain of French verbs, in the kitchen cooking up a vegetarian curry, or being a social butterfly at Adelaide’s classy and not-so-classy establishments, Div is always giving the task at hand everything she’s got, and she makes sure she has a damn good time.

Graphic Designer – Prerna Ashok

Prerna is a Graphic Designer, Writer, Editor and dabbles in Photography.

As a creative practitioner she sees things differently and incorporates quirky and bespoke elements in her work that make it memorable.

Web Editor – Ben Allison

Ben is the Web Editor this year. He’s in his fourth year of Journalism and Writing and Creative Communication.

He’s currently seeking treatment for an addiction to Buzzfeed and Pepsi Max.

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