My Experience with USASA Advocacy

Khaliah Marro explains their own experience with USASA Advocacy in an effort to encourage students to seek support for academic issues.
Words by Khaliah Marro

One afternoon I was sitting at my computer desk pondering what my next move would be towards enriching my degree and university experience. At that time, I was taking a break from an exhausting assignment whilst simultaneously questioning everything about life and its existence, including trying to figure out what steps to take for effective employability. Heavy thoughts, I know, but as university students you know where I am coming from. When I concluded to ‘live in the present’ my brain finally calmed down and I decided to search through Career Hub to see what work experience opportunities existed. I came across an internship opportunity at USASA Advocacy. I knew of USASA, but I was unaware of what advocacy was. Naturally, I did a Google search to find a definitive answer, but I was still left confused as to how ‘advocacy’ was related to a university environment. Anyway, I applied for the internship and was very fortunate to get accepted.

When I commenced the internship I still had a vague idea of the term ‘advocacy’, however through workshops and a series of activities I learnt about it at USASA Advocacy. In the simplest terms, advocacy means to be in support of someone or something, for example a person or a cause. To advocate is to be in favour of and to support a person, a cause or a reason. At UniSA on the City West Campus there is an organisation that advocates for all UniSA students. USASA Advocacy is a service for UniSA students to turn to when they are faced with academic issues. Examples of academic issues are wanting to get an assignment remarked, accusations of plagiarism in an assignment or if a student has received a preclusion letter from the university. The USASA Advocacy team is there to advocate for students during these stressful situations and to support their academic cases. The manager of USASA Advocacy is Luis and his two colleagues are Advocacy Officers, Tanya and Prashant, who are available to support students to get the best outcome for their cases.

If you ever need assistance with academic issues give USASA Advocacy a call or send them an e-mail. The team is there to support you and help you through these types of difficulties that you may encounter during your studies, never think you are alone! Be strong, but always ask for help – that is the strongest action you can do. Tell your friends or anyone that needs this type of service.

Good luck with your studies and remember to enjoy life’s ride!

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