By Peter Palmato


Goodbye darling,

The rose

I thought I knew

Was a thorn

In truth

Goodbye lovely,

Kisses on your cheek

I brushed my lips

Past brambles in disguise

Goodbye bad bitch,

You had no stem,

No spine or strengths

But you still cut deep

Goodbye false friend,

I snipped you away

Behind my back, the truth

Only lies to my face

Goodbye beautiful,

Skin deep love

I’ll never trust again

A flawless complexion

Goodbye memories,

of sitting, smiling with you

all the love has gone

the good times, too

Goodbye stories,

of men and men and men

your tales made me smile

but always had the same end

Goodbye, my dear,

we will never be the same

I now know the thorns behind the rose

and the poison they contain

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